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Parents do the best they can -- even if it seems like it's not enough 0

Parents do the best they can

One of my sons’ friends is stuck at home this summer, sharing a room with her two sisters in a small two-bedroom apartment in a concrete complex. She doesn’t have a job and can’t...

What is an MLM? 0

What is an MLM?

MLM stands for Multi-level Marketing. An MLM is a type of direct sales or network marketing company but not all direct sales or network marketing companies are MLMs. I don’t think. I’m trying to...

We have a screamer in our neighborhood. 0

The screamer in our neighborhood

We refer to one of our neighbors as “The Screamer.” She has been yelling at the same guy on the phone since we moved into the house where we live four years ago and...


Scentsy with Ali Morgan

Today’s interview is with Ali Morgan. She’s with Scentsy, which is a warmers and wax company. She says she made a $99 investment and joined the company because she loves the different warmers and...


Not all pyramids are schemes

I believe in the direct sales (DS) or network marketing (NWM) industry. Even if you already have a good job (at home) there are a lot of good reasons to have a business on...

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