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Be your own valentine! 0

Be your own valentine

Valentine’s Day. It really only became a card-gift-jewelry holiday in the United States during the last 75 years in the United States. The holiday itself originated as a pagan holiday a long, long time...

This is how I became a full-time writer, and you can, too! 4

How I became a full-time writer, part two

This is the rest of the story that started about becoming a full-time writer when I walked out of a job I hated. If you are mainly interested in becoming a full-time writer, click here....

Snow days are not as fun for working parents as they are for kids! 0

A snow day for working parents

I was watching the weather last night because we were expecting a Nor’easter, and that can mean school closings and power outages, neither of which is conducive to working. According to *AccuWeather,^ a nor’easter...

Are political disagreements damaging your friendships? 9

Are political disagreements damaging your friendships?

I originally published this story during our last presidential election (in 2012). It has been on my mind because four years later, nothing has changed – well, except maybe the insulting terms I’m seeing...

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