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Everything has a way of working out

My 11-year-old son had a splinter in his finger. He had just come home from playing baseball at his friend’s house where he’d spent several hours. He had ridden his bike the half mile...

She brightened my day every day on the way to daycare and I could never thank her until years later. 0

The Smiling Woman

2017 Update: This month marks the 13-year anniversary of my re-entry into Corporate America (!). The reason I am updating this story is because The Smiling Woman’s husband reached out to me via my...

How to turn resentment into gratitude 2

How to turn resentment into gratitude

Imagine if instead of saying “I have to,” you said, “I get to.” How would your attitude change? Think how quickly you could turn resentment into gratitude. I am sure this isn’t a new...

Put aside your differences and let love rule. 4

Let love rule

Here’s a story about love that I wrote in 2009. Today seemed like a good day to share it again, though the message of love is timeless (and needed more than ever in today’s...

Be your own valentine! 0

Be your own valentine

Valentine’s Day. It really only became a card-gift-jewelry holiday in the United States during the last 75 years in the United States. The holiday itself originated as a pagan holiday a long, long time...

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