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Sticky notes are a writer's best friend!

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Caroline Poser is a writer and blogger with a busy familyWelcome to my world: busy family including hard-working husband, active teen and tween boys, and demanding pets. Oh, and I’m a telecommuter.

I’ve published inspirational and sometimes funny stories about parenting forever (it seems. My oldest just turned 17!).  Just when I think I’m ready to write about something other than kids and parenting, another story comes to mind and I remember that my kids are still my why.

Lately, though, I’ve focused more on other topics. Like work! I have a feeling that will be a trending topic in 2017!

I’ve also got story ideas on sticky notes (and in notebooks) because it’s a challenge to find enough hours in the day beyond writing about business and technology, which is my “day job,” to blog and I don’t want to forget anything.

I named this blog “Coffee Talk” because I like taking a break from the daily grind (and plus, it was the name of a think-tank meeting I used to hold monthly in Corporate America before I became a writer and started “living the dream” at home.

Sticky notes are a writer's best friend!


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I hope you will join me for your next coffee break! We all need a break in this highly-connected, always-on era — whether we’re drinking coffee or not. (I have an on again off again relationship with coffee. Right now it’s on.) Sign up for Coffee Talk updates and receive the latest in your inbox so you can connect at your convenience! (To be honest, my messages are sporadic. I am trying to get better about this. Suffice it to say, you will not be inundated!)

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