Author: Caroline B. Poser

She brightened my day every day on the way to daycare and I could never thank her until years later. 0

The Smiling Woman

2017 Update: This month marks the 13-year anniversary of my re-entry into Corporate America (!). The reason I am updating this story is because The Smiling Woman’s husband reached out to me via my...


I’m a “vergetarian”

If the increase in killer diseases statistic wasn’t enough to horrify, the short segment on the factory farm industry was. I had tears streaming down my face and had to turn away from the TV when I saw and heard how animals who are raised or food (or dairy products) are treated. It kind of took my appetite for meat away and I am not sure about my interest in any animal products at all right now, really.

How do you talk with your children when a grandparent dies? 3

When a grandparent dies

I often wondered, where is heaven, exactly? Is it possible that it is right here among us? We can’t see or hear everything in the electromagnetic spectrum; in fact the portion that we can see and hear with our human eyes and ears is just a small percentage including certain colors of light and radio waves. We can feel some things that we can’t see, such as infrared light. Perhaps Grandma really is here with us sometimes.


My “green” day

Last year, I walked a lot and went nowhere. It wasn’t until I changed my diet that I actually made a change in my fitness. I’ve heard that losing weight is really more about what you eat than the exercise, i.e., you’ll really never work off the donuts or the Big Mac.



Heck, I’d just like to get out and do something! Every time one of the adult education brochures lands in my mailbox, I think about all the opportunities — cake decorating (I don’t have to eat it!), pottery (I would love to be able to do something artistic again), playing piano by ear (I miss doing music), and then I remember why I can’t just take a night off on a regular basis to leave the house and commit to a class.

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