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My kids' priorities may not be the same as mine, and that's okay! 2

My kids’ priorities

“Do you need me to hook my computer up to the printer?” I asked my son. “Yes, thanks.” “Okay, will do.” I breathed a silent sigh of relief. I had been awake since before...

Kids and faith: how do you teach kids about religion when their parents go to different churches? 2

Parents of different faiths

One day, I picked my son up from his dad’s church  — we practice different faiths — to take him to practice for his performance team (to benefit St. Jude Hospital. We think missing...

You can never cross cooking off the to-do list. As soon as you're finished, someone is hungry again! 2

The ongoing challenge of cooking for the family

I am not a foodie. I have posted a few recipes lately, e.g., egg muffins, not because they’re super-creative masterpieces that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, but because it’s a special thrill for me...

•don’t obsess •be open to a solution •give it time •make a way 0

Everything has a way of working out

My 11-year-old son had a splinter in his finger. He had just come home from playing baseball at his friend’s house where he’d spent several hours. He had ridden his bike the half mile...

How to turn resentment into gratitude 2

How to turn resentment into gratitude

Imagine if instead of saying “I have to,” you said, “I get to.” How would your attitude change? Think how quickly you could turn resentment into gratitude. I am sure this isn’t a new...

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