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"MotherMorphosis" is available on“Caroline Poser is in the mix. It’s like she’s kept a travelogue of her journey into motherhood, keenly noting all the strange flora and fauna and dark corners for the rest of us to marvel at. And we do marvel, because even though motherhood is unique to each one of us, it’s also a profoundly shared experience. Poser is brilliant at picking up a detail, dusting it off, and sharing it with us in essays that are ripe, funny, and full of truths.”

~ Julie Tilsner, contributing editor for Parenting Magazine and the author of three humor books on parenting and the mommy life, as well as the best-selling “29 & Counting: A Chick’s Guide to Turning 30”


“MotherMorphosis captures many of the strong emotions that new moms feel and deals honestly with the author’s worries and insecurities. New mothers will recognize many of the feelings and circumstances described in these short essays, which are just the right length for busy readers.”

~Jane Swift, the former governor of Massachusetts and the first governor in U.S. history to give birth while in office – in her case to twin girls.


“Parenthood is not for sissies as Caroline Poser’s book aptly demonstrates. Raising children in a modern world is a balancing act well-documented as Ms. Poser discovers the daily challenges of keeping alive, healthy, and happy her ‘boybies’ (an 18 month old and a newborn) and herself.”

~Jodi Schiller, co-creator and artistic director of The Drama Mamas


“Caroline Poser does not run away from her feelings when she shares with us what an ordinary, overwhelming day of mothering two little boys can bring. She admits, with passion, ‘It’s hard!’ But she also captures the tenderness, the unrehearsed joy, the poignant sorrow that all tugs at a mother’s heart. Also as a mother of two boys, as well as someone who works professionally more in her home than out of her home, I found myself so appreciative of her stark honesty. MotherMorphosis is an up-to-heaven look at what it means to be a mother.”

~The Rev. Joyce Anderson-Reed, author, American Baptist pastor, and missionary in La Paz, Mexico


“In a way I spent the weekend with you – I just read your book and really enjoyed it! There are formula stains all over it as I did most of my reading while holding my baby.

“Your stories put into words the realities of motherhood. I can identify with the challenges of balancing home, motherhood, work, and just being a woman.

“My 12-year-old daughter laughed with me as she now understands what I had been through with her and what I am experiencing now. I traveled down memory lane and am looking forward to doing it all over again. Thanks for the fun experience!”

~Karen Bressler, CEO, AGAR Supply Company


“I love this book. Caroline Poser provides a unique and humorous perspective on motherhood at its best and worst. Mothermorphosis is sure to help mothers retain their sanity and sense of humor during those hairy-scary child raising years that only seem funny when you look back at them after they are grown. Wish it had been available when I was raising my two. Delightful!”

~Sheila Gautreaux-Lee, founder of “Spiritual DIVAs” and author of Messages: Essays on a Spiritual Journey and Praying Through a Storm


“MotherMorphosis is a powerful, fun and inspirational book for all mothers…”

~Steven E, creator of the Wake Up…Live the Life You Love series


“Read MotherMorphosis even if, like me, you don’t have children. It will give you a close insight into motherhood – both the lows and the highs, and why motherhood is such a joy for so many.”

~Veronica Lim, author of ABCs for Grown-Ups: Lessons from Three Year Olds on How to Have More Fun & Success


“There are various milestones by which we gauge our lives and having children is one of them. MotherMorphosis is a charming book that pays tribute to our struggles and sacrifices as we morph our way into motherhood. It’s the Thank You card for all of us women who eat the ‘burnt pork chop’.”

~Tomi Tuel, author of 101 Things I Learned After My Divorce


“Caroline’s honesty about motherhood at its best and worst moments is truly an inspiration. Her stories are so real, so honest…so refreshing.”

~Sandy Grason, best-selling author of JOURNALUTION: Journaling to Awaken Your Inner Voice, Heal Your Life and Manifest Your Dreams.


MotherMorphosis is a compassionate and humorous ‘must-read’ for mothers to be and mothers in the making.”

~Mark Victor Hansen

Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul® and Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire


“In Mothermorphosis, Caroline Poser gets it! She sees what we so often fail to see, the moments that make up parenting. The ones we can easily walk by if we’re not careful. Plus, her sense of humor reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously. After all, we’re here to love and laugh, aren’t we?”

~Jim Warda, author of Where Are We Going So Fast?


“I thoroughly enjoyed your book! I have lent it to friends who needed to laugh at the trials and tribulations of motherhood.”

~Sue Boswell, correspondent and photographer, Nashoba Publications


MotherMorphosis is an exceptional book created to capture the personal nuances of evolving as a parent and the responsibilities that come with motherhood. This book shares a deeply profound perspective on the multifaceted and complex aspects of caring for children.”

~R. Scott Brooks, book evaluator, Writer’s Digest


MotherMorphosis is essential for any new mom trying to figure out the complexities of motherhood. Ms. Poser tenderly touches on those issues mothers can so easily relate to: the loss of our independence — and our figures — and the overwhelming emotions women experience when raising a child.”

~Cynthia M. Allegrezza, book review editor, Today’s Parent


“My neck hurts. Have you ever read one of those books, and while reading, you nodded your head up and down in agreement so much that your muscles got sore? This is one of those books!

“MotherMorphosis is a compilation of essays from a mom, about the transformation of her life going from a woman to a mother. It’s a compilation of emotions, life and love. It’s a great read!

“Many times, I find myself sitting in a situation where I know I should write down the antics of my kids, but I prefer to enjoy the moment and hope that the memory will last until I can find a piece of paper.  Ms. De Binder has put into words what we mothers deal with … within ourselves and with having and raising our families. She has written the book in such a way that we can follow her life just as our mommy lives unfolded – one diaper at a time!

“One day, my husband mentioned something about MotherMorphosis. “That could be you,” he said, as he relayed one of the essays that Caroline wrote. When I looked at him, I realized he was smirking at me; that all-knowing grin that tells me he really does listen when I tell him how our day went while he was at work!

“MotherMorphosis is a quiet moment. It’s a chance to enjoy knowing that other moms are just where you are and have been where you’ve been.  It’s a chance to take a few moments and enjoy the life of a mom, without the chaos being right in front of you!”

~Tammy Harrison, independent creative representative for Home-Based Working Moms and media planner


“…something that new mothers would really enjoy…”

~Ian King, author of more than 30 books and videos


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