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You can never cross cooking off the to-do list. As soon as you're finished, someone is hungry again! 2

The ongoing challenge of cooking for the family

I am not a foodie. I have posted a few recipes lately, e.g., egg muffins, not because they’re super-creative masterpieces that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, but because it’s a special thrill for me...

You can find all you need to make a healthy green smoothie at your supermarket! Here's the basic recipe. 5

Make a smoothie with simple supermarket ingredients

When you buy a smoothie from a coffee shop or fast-food restaurant, chances are it’s high in sugar and calories and low in protein, so you’re hungry again after an hour. When you’re on...

Here's a simple recipe for peppermint bark. It's a festive holiday gift for anyone on your gift list. 0

🍭How to make peppermint bark

This is a really simple recipe for peppermint bark, which is a perfect gift for so many people during the holidays! Your kids’ teachers, coaches, significant others, your mail carrier, your mechanic (if you...

Do you struggle with sugar addiction? 0

Why did I eat all those cookies?

I  made two dozen cookies tonight just after I took a chicken out of the oven. I figured why not, the oven is already hot. Well, so was the chicken. In the time during...

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