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You can never cross cooking off the to-do list. As soon as you're finished, someone is hungry again! 2

The ongoing challenge of cooking for the family

I am not a foodie. I have posted a few recipes lately, e.g., egg muffins, not because they’re super-creative masterpieces that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, but because it’s a special thrill for me...

You can find all you need to make a healthy green smoothie at your supermarket! Here's the basic recipe. 5

Make a smoothie with simple supermarket ingredients

When you buy a smoothie from a coffee shop or fast-food restaurant, chances are it’s high in sugar and calories and low in protein, so you’re hungry again after an hour. When you’re on...

Here's a simple recipe for peppermint bark. It's a festive holiday gift for anyone on your gift list. 0

How to make peppermint bark

This is a really simple recipe for peppermint bark, which is a perfect gift for so many people during the holidays! Your kids’ teachers, coaches, significant others, your mail carrier, your mechanic (if you...

Make sure you enjoy the holidays, too. Don't overcomplicate things! 6

Keep it simple this holiday season: 3 quick tips

How many activities is too many? That was originally the topic of this post, but now that we’re in the final countdown to Christmas, I realized I need to address being overbooked and why I...

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