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Are political disagreements damaging your friendships? 9

Are political disagreements damaging your friendships?

I originally published this story during our last presidential election (in 2012). It has been on my mind because four years later, nothing has changed – well, except maybe the insulting terms I’m seeing...

Why it's okay -- and even good -- to talk to strangers sometimes. 0

The guy on the train

I could write this story about the drunk guy with the goofy hat that sat in front of us on the train home last night. He and his female companion were picking and poking...

Having a cup of tea with friends 0

I saw friends IRL today!

I brought my middle son off at a friend’s house for a birthday overnight and he and another friend both brought their Xboxes (and forgot sleeping bags and pillows), even though the birthday boy has...

My first marriage ended on Veterans Day 3

My first marriage ended on Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a day to celebrate and honor the service of all U.S. military veterans. Additionally, the day marks the anniversary of the day my first marriage ended, the day I left. Every...

Maslow's hierarchy of needs for moms 0

Is self-actualization selfish?

A milestone birthday: time for reflection “How does it feel to be 50?” someone asked me the day before my birthday. “I’m not really that thrilled about it,” I replied. “Why!” she demanded. “I’m...

An armed takedown happened right in front of me 0

De-sensitized much?

The other day, my middle son and I found ourselves in the midst of an armed takedown involving not one, not two, but five police cruisers (and when we finally got out of there,...

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