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Rather than throw out the holiday cards you received, find new uses for them! 2

What to do with used holiday cards

Happy New Year! This year I waited until New Year’s Day to read all the holiday cards our family received. In years past, I opened them as I received them and taped them to...

What if there was a naughty *AND* nice list? No one is perfect! 0

The Naughty AND Nice List

“What if there was a ‘Naughty AND Nice’ list, Mommy?” my oldest asked me. We were in the living room enjoying our daily viewing of The Polar Express. “What do you mean, honey –...

On Christmas Eve, I bask in the tranquil moments. I share some of Santa’s cookies, and gaze at our tree. At last, all is well. 0

Silent Night

I actually like Christmas Eve better than Christmas. For one thing, my three sons are usually compliant about going to bed because they want to make it as easy as possible for Santa. They...

Here's a simple recipe for peppermint bark. It's a festive holiday gift for anyone on your gift list. 0

How to make peppermint bark

This is a really simple recipe for peppermint bark, which is a perfect gift for so many people during the holidays! Your kids’ teachers, coaches, significant others, your mail carrier, your mechanic (if you...

Celebrate Christmas with a birthday cake for Jesus! 2

Christmas when no one believes in Santa

This is my first Christmas where no one believes in Santa. I’ve been having a hard time feeling Christmas-y. My youngest broke the news to me over the summer. I don’t even remember how...

Make sure you enjoy the holidays, too. Don't overcomplicate things! 6

Keep it simple this holiday season: 3 quick tips

How many activities is too many? That was originally the topic of this post, but now that we’re in the final countdown to Christmas, I realized I need to address being overbooked and why I...

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