Exiting the information superhighway

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  1. Debbie says:

    Caroline this just rang true to my inner soul as well. Thank you! There is just too much of all social media and as you mentioned some of the things “they” tell us we need to work on weren’t even important years ago. The level of anger and disrespect is too much for me to take as well. Thank you again. And we’ll have to take a walk together – in person. Keep on writing and telling stories! Lots of love – Debbie.

    • caroline@carolineposer.com says:

      Hi Debbie, I am on such overload that I didn’t even notice until today that someone commented! LOL! Let’s just get back to basics and do our writing on our blogs! Do you hear me honk every time I pass your house? Maybe one of these times I can stop and we’ll take that walk? xoxox love to you, too!

    • caroline@carolineposer.com says:

      One other thing — I hadn’t even heard of Facebook until 2008 when you mentioned it in a sermon and said something like “Who would be my friend on Facebook” and I raised my hand in church!

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