Are political disagreements damaging your friendships?

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  1. Sukirti Jha says:


    • Caroline says:

      Thank you — please feel free to share. I really feel strongly about how people need to remember to disagree respectfully. I have two teacher friends that are planning to use this piece in their classrooms.

  2. Reminds me of this quote:
    “America still sees itself as essential and as destiny’s instrument. And each splinter group within our culture—left, right, conservative, liberal, religious, secular—sees itself as morally, even “theologically,” superior to its rivals. It is not just about politics. It is about being better than one’s evil opponent. We don’t just disagree, we demonize the “other.” And we don’t compromise.”
    ― Frank Schaeffer, Crazy for God

    Somehow we have to figure out how to disagree respectfully, humbly and compassionately.

    • Carlie says:

      This quote sums it up EXACTLY! It’s perfect. I agree that we need to disagree without acting superior or demoralizing others. How do people get this way? It’s all over my Facebook feed (and I have started unfollowing people!)

  3. Coach EXP says:

    Your article brings the following poem to mind:

    To Create An Enemy
    by Sam Keen

    Start with an empty canvas
    Sketch in broad outline the forms of
    men, women, and children.

    Dip into the well of your own
    disowned darkness
    with a wide brush and
    stain the strangers with the sinister hue
    of the shadow.

    Trace onto the face of the enemy the greed,
    hatred, carelessness you dare not claim as
    your own.

    Obscure the sweet individuality of each face.

    Erase all hints of the myriad loves, hopes,
    fears that play through the kaleidoscope of
    every finite heart.

    Twist the smile until it forms the downward
    arc of cruelty.

    Strip flesh from bone until only the
    abstract skeleton of death remains.

    Exaggerate each feature until man is
    metamorphasized into beast, vermin, insect.

    Fill in the background with malignant
    figures from ancient nightmares – devils
    demons, myrmidons of evil.

    When your icon of the enemy is complete
    you will be able to kill without guilt,
    slaughter without shame.

    The thing you destroy will have become
    merely an enemy of G-D, an impediment
    to the sacred dialectic of history.

    • Carlie says:

      WOW! This part: “Trace onto the face of the enemy the greed, hatred, carelessness you dare not claim as your own.”

      My mother always used to say that the things that bothered us about other people were related to things about ourselves we didn’t like or hadn’t accepted.

      This whole poem is profound. Thank you!

  4. Great Post! I like the engaging narrative and simplicity in which you convey this profound subject. Thank you for sharing!

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