MotherMorphosis 2.0

MotherMorphosis is the transformation into and within motherhood

Becoming a mother: I was so unprepared!

MotherMorphosis: becoming a mother

I always knew I would have kids. I just figured I’d be the same person I was, just add kids. I was wrong. I had no idea how much it would change me.


My first book is called MotherMorphosis and was published in 2006. I am working on the anniversary edition now!

"MotherMorphosis" is available on It's about becoming a mother.MotherMorphosis is the poignant story of a thirty-something professional woman’s baptism by fire into motherhood. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry as you identify with the joys and challenges of becoming a mom — from the wonder of beholding a tiny new being to the awe of having said tiny new being dependent on you 24/7 — and seeking that elusive balance among the myriad roles a mommy must fulfill. Click here for more.

The original MotherMorphosis, written by Caroline Poser 1999-2002Okay — actually — I self-published the book in 2002. Shortly after I got the copies I ordered shipped to me (this was before CreateSpace), my husband and I separated. Things were really hard for many years after that and I wasn’t able to devote as much time as I would have liked to the book. It was a couple of years after I’d secured stable employment (2004) that I could think about the book again. I still have one old copy of the original book on my bookcase!

Currently I’m undergoing a second MotherMorphosis. I am no longer wallowing in diapers, binkies, and the wonder and challenges of becoming a new mom (or a single mom or a working mom); I am trying to sort out who I am now that the kids are older and starting to step out of the nest, as well as focus on some of the self-care that I back burnered: managing the health fallout (weight gain) and updating the frump (scrunchies and sweatpants).

MotherMorphosis 2.0 represents a lot of what I’m writing about (when I’m not writing about the kids). Ninety-Day 180 is an example of that, and it’s far more than a story, it’s an underlying theme. For a while, I thought the MotherMorphosis chapter was done. But I understand now that it’s an evolving process that will never end.

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