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Why I quit the company I was with last year

 If you’re interested in direct sales, chances are good it’s because you really like the products and you think you can make money promoting them. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t go into business...


Tastefully Simple with Kelly Rodriguez

Today I’m featuring Kelly Rodriguez and her business, Tastefully Simple. Tastefully Simple is a meal solutions company that helps people save time and money. Basically the meal kits stake the stress out of meal...


Le-Vel Thrive overview with Kari Johnson

Today I’m featuring Le-Vel Thrive. Many thanks to Kari Johnson for sharing information about the company that she’s worked with for more than a year. Le-Vel Thrive is a health and wellness company. According...

My kids' priorities may not be the same as mine, and that's okay! 2

My kids’ priorities

“Do you need me to hook my computer up to the printer?” I asked my son. “Yes, thanks.” “Okay, will do.” I breathed a silent sigh of relief. I had been awake since before...


Take a quick survey about direct sales

Here’s your chance to share your experience, opinion, and business. Publishing your business profile on an independent platform can be a good way for you to promote your business. It also positions you as...

Isn’t That A Pyramid Scheme? 0

Isn’t That A Pyramid Scheme?

This is my absolute favorite video about the direct sales, or network marketing (NWM), industry. (In this blog, I’ll use the terms interchangeably.) Some people get it, and some just don’t. Whenever someone refers...

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