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  1. Alice Gerard says:

    Thank you for sharing that story. I had not seen it the first time that it was posted. It is sad that, sometimes, God says no and we don’t understand why. I prayed for a miracle for my dad, and it did not happen. I miss him every day. He has been gone for four and a half years. Despite the sadness, there are many blessings in life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Carlie says:

      Hi Alice, thank you so much for your comment. Life has its ups and downs, good times and bad. I have learned that we can find joy, even in times of great sorrow. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too!! (I am not sure I actually ever posted the story on my blog; I know for sure it was in my church newsletter, though.)

  2. Wonderful Story Carlie! I have this feeling that any time a door closes it is for good. This in fact has kept me sane in many ways, especially when I was choosing a career. Now I feel really so happy to have had some doors closed.

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