The perfect reflection of God

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  1. Wow! This was amazing and thought provoking….

  2. Tanya says:

    This is exactly how I felt about our current boarder collie, Tessa. My husband got her from the pound during our two year separation . I was so angry! He did not have time or money to help with the dog and horses we all ready owned so he got a new dog!

    I consoled myself with the fact it was a dog and not another woman. Tessa was good with the boys and easy to work with but I did not like her.

    I actually told Tessa sometime in those two years that she was more than likely a good dog and that it was not her fault but “I don’t like you.”

    Tessa represented a lot that was wrong with our marriage . Everything from differing priorities to the clingy style of dog a border collie often is.

    Fast forward 4 years and Tessa is now an only dog. My beloved boxer passed 18 months ago. Our marriage is restablished through God’s grace and we live in a town home that the boxer would have had difficultly adjusting to.

    Tessa is easy, loving and loyal to me and the whole family. We take long walks off leash, she does not intrude on other dogs or people, she is highly self contained and has clear boundaries .

    Like any healthy creature practicing a 12 step program Tessa simply wait for me to get my life together. She showed me un conditional love and respect as I struggled with my grief over my marriage and later my boxer dog .

    She is no longer the other woman in my husbands life. Now we are to females in a testosterone heavy family banding together.

    • says:

      Wow, thank you for sharing that, Tanya. When Benji passed away, the vet actually had to tell me to call her back (to make the arrangements) so I could compose myself. I knew his health was failing and had brought him in and not five minutes after I left him at the vet’s office on Monday afternoon, he went into cardiac arrest. It was almost as though he KNEW I wouldn’t be able to handle it at home, after worrying over him all weekend. When he passed, it was like a very important tie to my mom was gone.

      I’m currently going through a really challenging time with my elderly cat and feel a story brewing about that. Animals can teach us a lot!

  3. Debora lea Chura says:

    Appreciation for how blessed we truly are!!! Thank-you Lord

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