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Are political disagreements damaging your friendships? 9

Are political disagreements damaging your friendships?

I originally published this story during our last presidential election (in 2012). It has been on my mind because four years later, nothing has changed – well, except maybe the insulting terms I’m seeing...

Football coach yelling: It's only a game! 0

Unsportsmanlike conduct in youth sports

It disgusts me to see parents and coaches (or parent coaches) demonstrating unsportsmanlike conduct by yelling at their kids (and other kids) during youth sports. This is a story about a time when I was performing...

First things first 0

First things first

One of my sons had chosen to take a nap after school before dragging himself to football practice. By the time he got home and showered, it was already 8:30 p.m. when he was...

In the pink 0

In the pink

Ten minutes before we’d-be-late-if-we-weren’t-exiting-the-driveway, my oldest son told me he needed a pair of pink socks. “What!?” “It’s a team requirement.” Alarmed, “I don’t recall hearing that from your coach.” “All the guys are...

To everything there is a season 0

To everything there is a season

I was sad when football ended. The first week after our last game, I felt empty. We had three extra hours on Tuesday and Thursday to…not get ready for football, not play football, and...

Sports nut 0

Sports nut

“If I die, I hope I’m playing a sport.” “Huh?” My son had just collapsed into the car after a two-plus hour football practice in full pads in 90 degree heat. He was soaking...

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